Thursday, 26 January 2017

Greetings & Introductions (with teasers)!

Welcome, weary web wanderer,

<Voice of Sigmar> "Stop that illiteration, 'tis most annoying!"

<Contrite Author> "Apologies, oh Lord of booming inclement weather, forgive me. I shall begin anew..."


Well, that's part one of the post title fulfilled in the first sentence, fantastic. Onward then, that's what we aim to do here; deliver promises like it's day 1 in the Trump White House.*

*Note: I am neither orange, nor a maniac.


Thanks for stopping by and reading the maiden post of my new blog, "Settlers of Ghyran". The focus here will be almost entirely on my geeky hobby pursuits relating to Games Workshop's Age of Sigmar wargame. This will include the painting and converting of tiny fantasy persons, modelling scenery for them to caper around on and the writing of fluffy background/stories about said capering. I do also play a variety of "Euro" board games with the wife and occasionally get distracted by shiny things, so some degree mission creep is perhaps inevitable...

I hail from northern England and first began fiddling around with toy soldiers, gamebooks, RPGs and suchlike in around 1992. I eventually suffered the near obligatory hobby hiatus following the discovery of intoxicating Duardin brews and Moonclan toadstools in my twenties, but now being comfortably into my thirties I am once more fully geekified and experiencing the infamous cruel inversion of circumstance regarding available time/available funds*

*Note: Okay, okay, so I still don't have any money. But I am keen and moderately talented**

**Meta Note: Or so my Mum tells me.  

So there we are, a brief if not concise declaration of purpose. I look forward to sharing my activities with you all soon and I hope you enjoy reading about them. The tone and style of posts will likely vary greatly depending on my mood, time of day and current caffeine intake (and as we have a 10 month old baby, level of sleep deprivation). Today I am feeling whimsical, so apologies if that creates copy unappealing to thine eye but take solace that tomorrow I may be feeling less energetic (did I mention I have a baby?) and the next post could well be 100% more dour.

Right, so with that said I'll say farewell until...

<Voice of Sigmar> "Halt thyself scribe, you promised them teasers!"

<Contrite Author> "Ah, apologies once more, oh beneficent bringer of drizzle. How right you are."

I'll leave you with a small collection of the some of the miniatures and terrain pieces I have been working on for my current Ghyran/Realm of Life project (more on that soon), devoid of all context and explanation, mind; That will come another day. For now, enjoy and I'll write again soon.


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