Friday, 31 August 2018

Building the Wylderlands #3 Scratch Built Chaos Temple


So I've finished my most recent large terrain project, having first had the idea last October (when I stumbled across the key ingredient in a supermarket), I always get there in the end! Saying that, I still have a tub of elves on the painting pile I got in 1993 so I guess my attention span is more of a work in progress.

Without further ado, here is the subject of today's article; a chaos temple long lost to the rampant undergrowth of Ghyran, recently rediscovered and reconsecrated by the pestilent followers of Nurgle. Read on to see how I slapped her together from bits n' junk...

I only regret that I couldn't fit a skull inside the skull thats inside the skull. #hobbygoals

Thursday, 30 August 2018

The Dark Persists - Battle #1 "By the Sweat of Others"


This battle report sees the first campaign action for the Duardin and Ogor factions at a skirmish level, each of which were still at their starting value of 35 renown prior to the outbreak of hostilities. If you'd like to get up to speed on the campaign lore for today's protagonists you can read the campaign primer and/or the full Character Focus posts on the Undrfast Guardians and Ushtak's Ironbrows. Due to my neglect at getting the actual write up of campaign activity underway, it's been quite a few months since this game was actually played, but I'll do my best to recount the action! At the time I had a play with some basic editing of the pics in an attempt to bring them to life a little more, with mixed success I would say. Please share your thoughts on whether I should try and refine this approach, or simply ditch it for vanilla photographs. 

Axeborder, several days trek NW of Undrfast Hold

Monday, 27 August 2018

Character Focus: Ushtak Ironbrow


This is the second of twelve posts introducing the characters and associated factions which are driving the storyline of chapter one of The Dark Persists Age of Sigmar narrative campaign. I forgot to mention last time that the character retinues were created to a total of up to 35 starting renown, and we have expanded the available units from the official Skirmish rulebook by use of the very professionally finished expanded ('unofficial') lists made by Grand Alliance Forum user Rafal Maj - thanks buddy! In actual fact I have gone a little further for several of the warbands and have added further unofficial units using the now well-documented formula of:

(Unit Cost ÷ Minimum Unit Size) ÷ 5 = renown cost

The Lore 

NB. Any place names in bold can be found on the campaign map here 

Ushtak Ironbrow... not your average destitute orphan!

Character Focus: Horlinn Gundrstag & The Undrfast Guardians


Character focus posts, of which this is the first, will introduce the key named players in The Dark Persists campaign. Each is associated with one of twelve factions, and begins with their own small retinue of followers. The campaign is fought at both small skirmish level and larger battles depending upon the scenario being played out. If you haven't already, you may wish to read the campaign primer

The format for this series will be to first introduce the personality in question and provide some background fluff on themselves and their faction, followed by a breakdown of their starting list for actual gameplay. Note that the early games were played out using the first General's Handbook and official AoS Skirmish expansions. A little discrepancy between forces is of little consequence as points are only used as a rough guideline, interesting narrative and fun games always being the goal, with no attempt to chase an illusion of balance.  

Horlinn Gundrstag & The Undrfast Guardians 

Horlinn and his drinking buddies skirmish retinue

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Lore of the Wylderlands #1 Campaign Primer


Welcome to the first in a series of posts which will cover the lore for my ongoing homebrew campaign, The Dark Persists.

The campaign is set entirely in Ghyran, the Realm of Life. This is a land (or dimensional plane, however you personally like to envisage the nature of the Realms) of rampant growth, lush vegetation, pretty flowers and impossibly cool floating islands. Oh, and Papa Nurgle has spent the last few thousand years defiling it in the most puss-drippingly foul and vomit-inducing manner imaginable. The Grandfather's fun got rather spoilt about a hundred years ago though when the marmite poster-children of AoS (I love 'em) arrived via lightning bolt to free an Aelven goddess and deliver a hammer-centric reckoning on behalf of the God-King Sigmar. The current position of the official timeline has seen the first new cities arise since before the Age of Chaos and life on Ghyran for your average citizen now sites somewhere between blissful abundance and the very real likelihood that you'll be killed in your bed by something with 14 wounds.

At Madman's Keep on the Blighted Plains, evil stirs.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Building the Wylderlands: #2 Scratch Built Warscryer Citadel

Greetings all,

Like most AoS players I've been caught up in the excitement around the new Malign Portents arc of the official Mortal Realms narrative. One of the most exciting developments for me personally was the re-branding and re-release of the classic terrain kit, the Warscryer Citadel (the Artist Formerly Known as Skullvane Manse).

Unfortunately, the family coffers are primarily drained by such minor concerns as food, shelter and toddler sized clothing, so purchasing it was out of the question (my birthday isn't until June and what are the chances that shiny-syndrome won't have diverted my attention elsewhere by then). The only option then, was to rummage around in the dark spidery fastness that is my gaming dungeon (read: garage) to see what recycled materials and bitz box goodies I could gather together for a scratch build project. I must say, now that its finished i'm rather glad I didn't just buy the kit; it was a lot of fun to put together and paint, and when I do eventually procure the actual model I can now happily cannabalise it for bitz without trepidation.

No-one on the internet likes a wall of text, so before we go any further here is the finished item, afterwards we'll discuss the journey to completion in detail. Oh, and if you don't give a fig how I made it and just want to see more pictures of it, scroll to the bottom for some goodies.

The finished item
Look at that graceful grip and elegant curvature of the hand... I should audition for the Shopping Channel

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Building the Wylderlands: #1 Circular Stone Tower

Greetings all, 

If anyone has stopped by here before they will notice that I've had a rather dramatic cleanout and removed all previous posts. My homebrewed Ghyan setting of The Wylderlands and associated campaign, The Dark Persists, have gone through a few changes, not least moving from being purely skirmish based to encompassing all scales of play, and I wanted to have a fresh start as a result.